This is Your Opportunity

To Partner with the Guardian Craft Brewery Network and Leverage for Your Brewery an Unprecedented, Highly Lucrative, Niche Market Opportunity with the Most Politically Powerful, Influential and Affluent Consumer Group in America. And The Millions Of Influential Big Brand Retail Chain Stores and Local Businesses That Are The Most Staunch Supporters Of The Nations Military and the Military Community.


What The GCBN Brings To The Table


Our Mission: To Create Unprecedented Business Opportunities And Mutually Profitable Long-term Reciprocal Trade Relationships, Aggressive Market-Share Growth Strategies and Innovative For-Profit, Entrepreneurial Revenue Generating Initiatives Designed To Fund The USVIncCC's Military Community Reintegration and Social Service Collaborative Enterprise's

If Your Brewery Is Limited By

Limited Production Capabilities / Funding / Competition / Market Size

Limited Customer Base

The Guardian Craft Brewery Network has a Solution to all These Challenges

We accomplish this by maximizing your brewery's sales and production capacity, vastly increase your company's brand and position in the market place, and dramatically increase your receivables through pre-order commitments that can be used as security for operational expenses and capital expenditure financing. Further, our sales & marketing teams will establish an impressive list of customers located in your market area, by leveraging the power of the USVIncCC's Strategic Partnership Network and popularity of the nation's Military, 1st Responder & Emergency Response Volunteer  Community.

What do you get here that you don't anywhere else?
  • Brewery Pre-Funding Growth Initiatives

  • "HUGE" Tax Write-Offs

  • Military Community Consumer Insight to Guide Product Development

  • Local Military Community Grass Roots Marketing

  • Strong Product Story Tailored to Target Military Community Demographic

  • Distributor Relationships and Mindshare Across Local & Regionally

  • ​Military Community Strategic Alliance Support Partner Retailer Visibility and Education Programs to Grow Shelf Space

  • Specialty Military Packaging, Bottle & Label Design w/Strong Product Story Tied to Target Demographic

  • Maintenance of Brewery’s Military Community Reputation and Credibility 

  • Talented Veteran Marketing & Sales Team

  • Enhanced Military Community Social Media Marketing Capabilities

  • Replication of Flagships Brand Success Under New Military Unit Product Brands

  • Regional & Local Military Community Grass Roots Business to Business Network Marketing

  • High Quality Military Community Products Portfolio

  • Stronger Together Co-Marketing Opportunities

  • Stronger Together Co-Branding Opportunities

Implementing AI To Give Your Brewery A Strategic Tactile Advantage

The Problem.


Searching for employees, affinity groups,  business and craft beer reseller partners, new customers and niche market opportunities in the chaos of the market place  and its thousands of competitors can feel hopeless and overwhelming. It’s easy to wonder if it’s worth the effort to search at all, especially when your time spent leads to zero results.

The Solution.


The GCBN is here to help by taking care of the search for you. The secret sauce lies within our advanced lead matching algorithms that connect potential Military Community Employees, Craft Beer Reseller Partners,  Loyal Military Community Consumers, Non-Veteran Supporters, and Veteran Service Organizations from our Military Community, Veteran Owned Business and Strategic Alliance Business Partners Network to opportunities based on variables that identify ‘who needs who or what’ anywhere in your marketplace  at anytime. Results are reported in real-time so so our Brewery Partners, Craft Beer Resellers and GCBN Sales Teams can take immediate action. 

Tap Into The Possibilities of Your Existing Network.


The greatest opportunities can be found just around the corner with the people and businesses you didn’t think to approach. All of us have hundreds and thousands of contacts in our email accounts, and GCBN is here to help maximize your existing network. After you upload your email contacts to GCBN, we will notify you if and when these contacts are looking to support your Military Community marketing support initiatives.


Launched in 20117, the platform has quickly grown to more than 5,000,000 potential customers by leveraging the contacts of its members to invite others to join the GCB Partnership network. GCBN is the only network of its kind and is positioning itself to the absolute go too solution, for small breweries looking to compete with the bigger, more well-funded and entrenched breweries in an extremely competitive and crowded market place.


Sign up today for your free account or go pro with a membership account.

.......Comming Soon Mobile App.......

GCBN Partners will receive the following perks through their mobile app.


  • Access all possible matching leads & opportunities. Receive VIP lead notifications and salesforce updates in real time.

  • See who is nearby with our geo-locator service and strategically direct your saleforce to persue prefered potential customers and opportunities in geographic locations of your choosing.

  • Advanced Communications – communicate with GCBN salesforce on leads through direct email, bulk emails, SMS & more.

  • Build your own professional strategic network of potential client craft beer resellers, resource partnersand service providers.


Develope Meaningful Relationships


With millions of members nationwide, we are building a network with national reach – 3,141 counties, to be exact! We are where you are, or wherever you want to find meaningful business connections and loyal consumer clientele.

AI at Work


Effortless and easy. Our platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver a world of new opportunities to your brewery.

Brands Your Brewery Will Be Proud To Manufacture & Sell

And A Mission Craft Beer Resellers Will Be Proud To Be A Part Of


Guardian Craft Brewery Network, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20006  Telephone: 800-67-1346