Strategic Partnership Benefits

As An Inducement The GCBN Has Built In Free or Vastly Reduced Cost Incentives Into The GCBN Partnership Initiatives, To Give Both Our Craft Brewery & Craft Beer Retail Reseller Partners The Tools And Funding To Grow Their Businesses And To Give Them A Serious Leveraged Competitive Advantage In The Marketplace, Against Much Larger And Well Endowed Brand With Whom They Must Compete. 

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Partner Benefits By Category
Brewery Pre-Funding Growth Initiatives

The GCBN generates funding for our craft brewery partners, through aggressive annual volume sales contract commitments which originate from our Strategic Alliance Craft Beer Resale Retailer Partners. 

"HUGE" Tax Write-Offs

The GCBN makes available various highly lucrative tax write offs and deductions for our Craft Brewery Partners as a direct result of their support of the Military Community, and the GCBN's reintergration and social service support initiatives. 

Military Community Consumer Insight to Guide Product Development

GCBN Military Community product market research is provided to our Craft Brewery network partners to provide them with the information they need to provide them with invaluable insight and information to guide them in superior product development to best meet the demands of the consumer market.

Local Military Community Grass Roots Marketing

The GCBN implements a variety of multi-channel social media, print and broadcast media and public relations campaigns to promote sales and build brand image and reputation, as a service to our Craft Brewery and Strategic Craft Beer Retail Reseller Alliance Partners  as a means to grow profits and market presence.  

Strong Product Story Tailored to Target Military Community

GCBN writers will craft professional historical military SOF backgrounds for the units matched to the Military Community Demographic and select craft beers being marketed under their military SOF labels.  While at the same time creating marketing content that will promote the GCBN's Craft Brewery and Strategic Craft Beer Retail Reseller brand,  good corporate citizen reputation.

Distributor Relationships and Mindshare Across Local & Regionally

As a service to our Craft Brewery Partners, the GCBN negotiates advantages distribution, marketing and sales agreements with both local and national distributors, on our brewery's  behalf, while at the same time developing a best practices approach for our Breweries, Strategic Craft Beer Retail Resellers and distributors throughout our network. 

Military Community Strategic Alliance Support Partner Retailer Visibility and Education Programs to Grow Shelf Space

The GCBN provides advertising support educational programs and in store marketing materials to our Craft Beer Retail Reseller Partners to to promote their businesses, the Breweries with whom the represent and drive sales to grow profits, while serving the communities in which they do business. 

Specialty Military Packaging, Bottle & Label Design w/Strong Product Story Tied to Target Demographic

As a service to our Craft Breweries and our Craft Beer Retail Reseller Alliance Partners, The GCBN Provides very attractive specialized military unit packaging, bottle and label design, designed to promote our military community social service mission, the Breweries and Craft Beer Retail Reseller s to the communities in which they do business. 

Maintenance of Brewery’s Military Community Reputation and Credibility 

The GCBN through the United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce will promote our Craft Brewery and Craft Beer Retail Reseller Alliance Partners across the Military Communities and market place where they do business, while at the same time vouching for their reputation and credibility as a strong military community supporter. 

Talented Veteran Marketing & Sales Team

The GCBN Sales and Marketing Teams are made up of Veterans and Disabled Veterans who are paid on commission dedicated to representing and promoting  the interest of the GCBN , our partners Breweries and the Craft Beer Retail Resellers Alliance interest through a broad sales and marketing initiatives, with the mission of generating profits and lucrative business opportunities for all concerned. 

Enhanced Military Community Social Media Marketing Capabilities

The GCBN implements cutting edge social media marketing technologies on behalf of our Craft Brewery and Craft Beer Retail Reseller Partners to promote their brands, events, and generate unprecedented business and sales opportunities, while at the same time building a loyal consumer following.

Replication of Flagships Brand Success Under New Military Unit Product Brands

As the GCBN expands it's Craft Beer product offerings, it's makes available those exceptional  recipes we discover from partner breweries  located across the nation and around the world, to ensure that our Craft Brewery  and Craft Beer Retail Reseller Partners possess the best quality and selection of both local, national and international craft beers offering available in the marketplace, making their brewery and/or business the go to place for connoisseurs of craft beer. 

Regional & Local Military Community Grass Roots Business to Business Network Marketing

The GCBN leverages the enormous prower of the United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce, Eagles Night Out B2B Business Networking Events to over 36000 Veteran Service Organizations to introduce our Craft Brewery Partners craft beer product lines to the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of  Veteran& Non-Veteran Business Owners and Executives that attend these events, thereby vastly increasing our Craft Beer Brewery's brand, and sales. 

High Quality Military Community Products Portfolio

There is a saying. "One Can Hardly Lift Up An American Military Hero, With Out At The Same Time Lift Up Themselves".  The GCBN Military SOF Brands are are highly attractive to both military and non-military consumers, and certain to drive brand recognition and sales for our Craft Brewery and Craft Beer Retail Reseller Partners, while at the same time cultivating the gratitude of those patriotic craft beer consumers who have a deep appreciation for those Craft Beer Brewery's and Craft Beer Retail Reseller Partners who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the nations Military Community. 

Stronger Together Co-Marketing Opportunities

Co-marketing can be best described as a practice where two companies cooperate with separate distribution channels, and jointly promote. With most companies looking for innovative and fresh marketing tactics, co-marketing is emerging as a popular way to generate leads, sell more product, and strengthen partnerships.

Stronger Together Co-Branding Opportunities

Co-Branding: 3 Benefits of this Marketing Strategy. When done effectively, co-branding can yield three main benefits for the brands involved: establish credibility, extend reach and double the Company's marketing budget. These three collective benefits of co-branding can have a positive and powerful hold over market penetration.


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