This Is Not Just A Meaningless Saying But Rather a Code of Honor That Extends Not Just to Those Who Are Serving or Have Served. But Also To Those Whom Cannot Protect Themselves and To Serve

Those Less Fortunate.

Honor - Courage - Commitment - Service
One Can Hardly Lift Up A Fallen Hero Or One Of Gods Children 
Without At The Same Time Becoming A Hero Themselves...
GCBN Mission Overview

The GCBN is a For-Profit Entrepreneurial Initiative created to fund the USVIncCC's Military & 1st Responder Social Service, Rehabilitative and Re-Integration Initiatives.  It is our belief that though at times charitable support may be necessary, we believe what the nations Military, Veterans, 1st Responders, and their Families really want and need is, Support and Opportunity.  And that is what the USVIncCC and the GCBN bring to the table.  The GCBN is a front runner in entrepreneurial social service self-funding initiatives, that bring a Win-Win for-profit opportunity to all whom we do business and serve. 


For It Is Not Good Business Unless Everyone Profits

The Nations Guardians and our Strategic Alliance Partners in Action

Below is just a glimpse of the good works that the the GCBN in partnership with the Veteran Owned Businesses and our Non-Veteran Strategic Alliance Partners are doing in the where they do business. These are just a few examples of what an entrepreneurial for-profit social service mindset can accomplish. Join Us Today To Do Something Really Good.

Guardian Military / 1st Rsponder Community & Retreats

GCBN Profits are to be used to grow profits through investments in Guardian Community & Retreats,  aggressive collaborative real-estate projects designed to create affordable retirement, assisted living  and therapeutic treatment communities  & retreats for retired, disabled, recovering veterans, 1st res ponders and their dependents.


A community GCBN funded social service initiative designed to help America Wounded Warrior Heroes heal themselves, by lifting up and helping heal chronically ill and severely disabled children less fortunate than themselves.   In partnership with the Shriners, St. Judes and other community children hospitals.

  League of Wounded Warrior Heroes
Wounded Warrior - Special Services Initiative

A community GCBN funded social service initiative designed to help rehabilitate Americas Wounded Warrior Heroes heal through sporting and outdoor recreational activities in participation with the disabled Veteran and 1st Responder Community, VSOs and our Strategic Alliance Partners

MCERT Military Community Emergency Reaction Teams

A community GCBN funded social service designed to leverage the 1st responder and logistical support skillsets of the nations 23 million veterans to provide Military Community Emergency Reaction Team Support in time of need their communities and the 1st responders that serve them. MCERT will be based in local community based VSOs. 

1st Responder Community Social Service Support Initiatives

A community GCBN funded social service initiative designed to build community between the Military Community and the 1st Responder Community while at the same time providing  theraputic and rehabilitative opportunities  and resources to our nations Heroic 1st Responders serving our communities. 

Military Community Social Service Support Initiatives

A community GCBN funded social service initiative to designed to provide support to Active Duty Military and their Dependants enduring financial and transitional hardships while in service, in partnership with  Miliatry and Charitable Veteran Social Service Organizations across the nation and those located in the community where the clients reside.

VSO Military Community Support Initiatives

A community GCBN funded social service initiative designed to provide organizational support through membership, social service, and community-based programs growth and support, to help these organizations become more efficient, productive, profitable and meaningful to the military, veterans and their dependents in the communities they serve. 

National Veterans Charitable Organizations Support

A Community GCBN charitable funding initiative support designed to assist chairtable veteran service organizations raise funding to cover their operational cost, fund their growth and social service initiatives with the financial support of the Veteran Owned Business and our Strategic Alliance Partners who do business in the communities they serve. 

Guardian Recreational Retreats

A community GCBN social service initiative designed to let large land owners across the nation, to allow Military, Veterans and their dependants to use their land for therapeutic and  recreational purposes in exchange for generous chairtable donations tax write offs. Thereby providing our Military, Veterans and their Dependants unlimited opportunities to heal, build family and relationships at little or no cost.

Veterans National Job Bank

With 3.7 million Veteran Owned Businesses and Tens of Millions Non-Veteran Strategic Alliance Partner Businesses across America, there is no justifiable reason we should have 1.4 million unemployed Veterans across America. Hire Vets FIRST is a community funded social service initiative to connect our unemployed Veterans with the Veteran Owned Businesses and Strategic Alliance Partner Businesses in their communities with an interest in hiring them.  

Making Money Doing Good...

The GCBN is an entrepreneurial social service initiative which neither solicits, nor accepts chairty or chairtable donations in any form.  Rather our mission is to generate our own funding in support of our social service initiatives through innovative entrepreneurial revenue generating initiatives, through reciporcial business to business and business to consumer  loyalty programm partnerships that profit and benefit all our partners and the military community.


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