Advertising & Media Services

In many circumstances your company has as much to gain from a strategic supplier relationship as they do from you. A more collaborative approach to supplier management can help you determine new and different ways to reduce costs, consolidate products and services, and gain new business prospects.


Advertising & Media Services


The GCBN in partnership with the USVIncCC implements and makes available various coop-sales and marketing services, to our Craft Brewery and Craft Beer Reseller Partners "Free of Charge and/or at Cost" to grow business, partnership, branding and co-branding opportunities; profits, market-share and reputation management promotions.

In-Store Military Community Advertising

GCBN Marketing makes available Benefits of Specialty Military Community Display Advertising to give our Brewery and Craft Beer Reseller Partners at cost to provide a presence that will outshine the competition, generate additional profit opportunities, grow brand, and a good corporate Military Community supporter image. When advertising your business, there are three important factors to consider: visual patriotic appeal to grab attention, location to maximize exposure, and relevancy to improve response and consumer loyalty with those Americans who support the Military Community.

Military Community Reputation Management

GCBN  also provides our Brewery and Craft Beer Retail Reseller Partners with MC Reputation Management Services designed to build a reputation of respect and appreciation for our partners throughout the market-place, highlighting  our partners support and good works on behalf of the Military Community. The benefits of a good community reputation include; higher trust, better talent, less risk, and more profit. But the advantages of a Military Community friendly corporate reputation, which will endow our partners with a strategic competitive niche market advantage over  their competitors in the market place.

 Business & Military Community Social Media Marketing

Increase your brand awareness. One of the main benefits of social media marketing is the easiest to recognize: Social media is an excellent way to introduce people to a brand. Legitimize a brand. Increase sales. Improve customer service.  The GCBN promotes our partners through a national cooperative social media marketing initiative designed to give our partners the brand and co-branding promotions needed to draw traffic and cultivate a loyal following within the military community and the millions of grateful patriotic Americans who support the nations military, veterans, 1st responders and their families. 

Multi-Media Promotions

GCBN Uses Multimedia for Military Community Event & Business Promotions Marketing. Other on-line platforms like blogs, websites, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, among others, are are under development and will soon be nationally accessible. These multimedia tools and platforms, will be used used to promote our Brewery and Craft Beer Retail Resellers amongst the Military Community and across the market place , building relationships and growing market-share.

Military Rewards Retail Discount Promotions

The GBCN Military Rewards program was created to promote our Craft Brewery, and Craft Beer Retail Reseller Partners on-site and across the communities where they do business, while at the same time providing our partners with the Retail Discount Promotion Tools they need to promote their brand image and generate profits over the long term

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VetBIZ Connect Strategic Alliance Partner Networking

GCBN uses strategic alliances to benefit from more-established channels of distribution, marketing, or brand reputation of bigger, better-known players. However, more-traditional businesses tend to enter alliances for reasons such as geographic expansion, cost reduction,... GCBN is building a B2B Networking platform that will allow our Brewery and Craft Brewery Retail Reseller Partners  to build a meaningful Strategic Partnership & Resource Network necessary to the growth of their businesses and market expansion initiatives.

GCBN VetForce Sales & Marketing

GCBN VetsForce Sales & Marketing Teams are made up of Disabled and Non-Disabled Veterans who leverage the popularity and support of Americas' Military and Veterans , through aggressive sales and marketing initiatives, that target those Craft Beer Retail Reseller Companies , on behalf of our brewery partners to generate unprecedented reciprocal sales opportunities that profit everyone, while at the same time building a loyal distribution network and highly affluent consumer base.

Social Service Sponsorship Event Promotions

Selecting the right events to host or sponsor will not only help your business stand out from the competition, but will also give your business the potential to reach a large segment of the Military Community target market,  at a substantially lower cost than traditional advertising. GCBN provides the guidance necessary to maximize opportunities, to increase visibility, brand awareness, and engagement with potential customers throughout the Military & 1st Responder Communities and throughout the market place where you do business. GCBN will also assist your business with the  use of social media to enhance your presence at the event and reach even more of your target market.

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Convention, Conference & Event  Promotions

Successful event marketing makes a big impact on your business. The GCBN  provides  event promotion ideas and support necessary to drive sales, and create partnerships, brand & co-branding opportunities. The GCBN event marketing team will work closely with your staff to teach them  creative ways to market an event, and will show you how to advertise an event before it starts, and provide event marketing ideas during events to increase sales and revenue. 

The Power of Co-Branding

Co-Branding: When done effectively, branding & co-branding can yield three main benefits for the brands involved: establish credibility through big brand affiliations, extend reach and triple the Company's marketing budget through coop brand marketing promotions . These three collective benefits of co-branding can have a positive and powerful hold over your brewery's market penetration. Compounded by your company's affiliation and support of the Heroic Military Community, will give you a strategic competitive market advantage over all other competitors in the market place. 

Press Releases

Get word of your Brewery and events out there with GCBN press releases. As an added benefit, GCBN will produce press releases announcing our partnership,  brewery distribution partnerships with all major brand Craft Beer Retail Resellers and Affiliates with whom we have partnered, and Military Community based promotions and events.   And further see to it that your press releases are picked up by bloggers, Tweeters and others who read it and find it worthy of promoting within their social networks.

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