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If Your A Small Brewery Competing With Larger Breweries With A Competitive Advantage, And Your Looking To Grow Your Business, Brand, Reputation And Profits, But Lack The Money And Resources To Compete The This Is Your Opportunity to Grow Your're Business While Being A Part Of Something Great And Doing Something Incredibly Good...


How The Partnership Works

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How the Partnership Works.

Our Mission


The Guardian Craft Brewery Networks Mission is fairly straight forward, make money through the sale of Craft Beer to fund the housing, rehabilitation, social service support and resource and programs desperately needed by the Military, 1st Responder & Emergency Response Volunteer Community.


Make no mistake, this is not a plea for charity, to the contrary, this is a for-profit endeavor designed to create Win-Win partnerships where everyone profits. It’s about making “A LOT OF MONEY” doing something especially good for Americas Heroes and their families in the communities where they live and work.


Manufacturing & Distribution Agreement


The Guardian Craft Brewery Network seeks to partner with select Craft Brewery’s to white label manufacture a specialty line of Military Special Operational Forces Craft Beers.


IE; Army Special Forces Beer, Army Ranger Beer, Army Airborne Beer, Navy Seal Beer, Marine Recon Beer, Para Rescue Beer, and Other Elite Military Unit Brands that are expected to be extremely popular with the Military, Veteran Owned Business, 1st Responder & Emergency Response Volunteer Community consumer populations we’ll be selling too, as well as the grateful patriotic Americans who support them.


Mutual Monetary Profit Opportunities


CBP Profits: Our Craft Beer Brewery Partners earn their profits through annual bulk sales contract agreements negotiated with our Craft Beer Retail Re-Seller Partners. From sponsored Business 2 Business Networking and Social Community Events, as well as In-House Retail Sales, promoted in collaboration with the GCBN sales and marketing department, our Craft Beer Retail Re-seller Partners, and the Craft Beer Brewery Partners sales channels.


CBRRP Profits: Our Craft Beer Retail Re-Seller Partners make their money through Craft Beer Retail Sales, via Business Conventions, Conferences, Trade-shows, B2B Networking Events, Casinos, Wholesale Clubs, Chain Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Military Base Officer-NCO and Enlisted Clubs, and local community lounges & Bars… Just to name a few.

A review of the Strategic Partnership Categories Page on the GCBN website will reveal just how massive is the opportunity, the Guardian Craft Brewery Network brings to the table. 


Craft Brewery Funding Opportunities


CBP Funding: For those small Craft Brewery Partners who need funding, to fund operations, pay off debt, or fund their growth initiatives, the GCBN offers two options.


First and foremost, the GCBN works closely with partner banks and financial service companies that provide accounts contracts receivable financing is a type of asset-financing arrangement in which a company uses its future contract receivables — guaranteed by the Brewery's Craft Beer Retail Alliance Partners — who have through a negotiated contractual agreement, agreed to purchase a specified amount of craft beer per year. The Brewery receives an annual contract that can be used to secure funding against the contract total. The number and dollar volume of contracts are determined by the Brewery to accommodate the Brewery's funding and growth initiative needs. 


This type of financing helps our Brewery Partners free up capital that is stuck in operational cost and unpaid debts. Accounts-contract receivable financing also transfers the default risk associated with the accounts receivables to the financing company.


the GCBN Sales Teams secure contractual purchase agreements from the Craft Beer Retail Re-Seller Partners, (Minimum commitment is $300.00 per month or $3600.00 per year) x 50 commitments = a value of $180,000.00, 100 commitments = a value of $360,000.00 so on and so forth.


Just how much funding the is a Brewery Partner eligible for; Funding is only limited by the Brewery’s production capability, and their ability to service the purchase agreements the GCBN Sale Teams secure on the Brewery’s behalf. Just tell us how much money you need and the GCBN Sales Team will do the rest.


Reciprocal Shared Cost Requirements


Craft Beer Brewery Partner


Setup Fees: Both the Guardian Craft Brewery Network and our Craft Beer Brewery Partners are required to share the cost of the initial one-time annual setup fee. The setup fee cost to the Craft Brewery Partner can range from $1500.00 to $25000.00 to cover the cost of Branding, Advertising Design, Multi-Media Creation and Distribution and Hiring. The overall cost is optional based upon the size of the target market(s) chosen by the Craft Brewery Partner and the resources necessary to service that area. 


Commission On Sales.


Marketing and sales are the primary responsibility and service provided by the GCBN Sales and marketing teams. Our Craft Brewery Partners are not responsible for salaries, worker’s compensation, insurance or benefits. Their only responsibility is to pay commission on annual contractual purchase commitments entered into by our Craft Beer Retailer Re-seller Partners, or for product sold.  


GCBN contracts are negotiated by the GCBN Sale Teams which are made up of Veterans, who are paid on a commission of 15% to 22% of gross sales which is dependent on the contract term and gross volume sold. 


Craft Beer Retail Re-seller


Each Craft Beer Retail Re-Seller Partners are required to pay .50 to $1.00 per beer sold to the GCBN to cover the cost and fund the Military, 1st Responder & Emergency Response Volunteer Community to social service initiatives.


These costs may be tax-deductible for both the Craft Brewery and Craft Beer Retail Re-seller Partners.


Collaborative Contract & Marketing Partnership Agreement


This beer is to be sold through a collaborative partnership agreement between the Guardian Craft Brewery Network, Our Strategic Alliance Craft Beer Re-Seller Business Partners and our Craft Brewery Partners.


Though the Guardian Craft Brewery Network may cover the primary cost of direct sales, advertising, and campaigns. Each partner is required to promote one another, through their own in house marketing campaigns and external promotions, thereby magnify each other’s advertising budget and market presence by the power of 10, while at the same time geometrically growing each other’s brand and greatly enhancing each other reputation, while at the same time for alone we are less significant, but together we are powerful and a force to be reckoned with. Together, we make each other great!


No one knows better what attracts the Military Community better than the military Veterans that manage the GCBN’s Marketing and promotions initiatives. To ensure your Military Community marketing success, the GCBN makes available to our Partners free consulting as needed. For in a partnership such as ours, when one succeeds, we all succeed. 


Collaborative Profit & Growth Opportunities


It’s Not Good Business Unless “EVERYONE PROFITS” …


The GCBN doesn’t only focus on generating profits through direct sale, rather our main focus is on community building and collaborative partnerships that will leverage the colossal affluent consumer purchasing power of the Military, 1st Responder & Emergency Response Volunteer Community. While at the same time creating a diversity of revenue streams through collaborative, innovative entrepreneurial enterprises.


Shared Responsibilities & Expenses


As mentioned previously the commissions charged by the GCBN for funds generated through direct Craft Beer sales goes in part to pay for the bulk of GCBN sales and promotions. 


Our Brewery and Craft Brewery Retail Re-Seller Partners are required to cross-promote one another in their existing advertising in support of our combined Military, 1st Responder & Emergency Response Volunteer Community social service initiative partnership. Thereby promoting each other’s brand, greatly multiplying each other’s reach and market penetration, while at the same time benefiting Military, 1st Responder & Emergency Response Volunteer Community and the communities where they do business.


A Multitude of Benefits


The first thing our partners ask is what exactly does GCBN bring to the table and what is Our ROI.


Listed on our How It Works and Partnership Opportunity website page and just a few examples of the benefits of the partnership. Such as…


· Brewery Pre-Funding Growth Initiatives

· "HUGE" Tax Write-Offs

· Military Community Consumer Insight to Guide Product Development

· Local Military Community Grass Roots Marketing

· Strong Product Story Tailored to Target Military Community Demographic

· Distributor Relationships and Mind-share Across Local & Regionally

· ​Military Community Strategic Alliance Support Partner Retailer Visibility and Education   Programs to Grow Shelf Space

· Specialty Military Packaging, Bottle & Label Design w/Strong Product Story Tied to Target Demographic Maintenance of Brewery’s Military Community Reputation and Credibility 

· Talented Veteran Marketing & Sales Team

· Enhanced Military Community Social Media Marketing Capabilities

· Replication of Flagships Brand Success Under New Military Unit Product Brands

· Regional & Local Military Community Grass Roots Business to Business Network Marketing

· High Quality, Military Community Products Portfolio

· Stronger Together Co-Marketing Opportunities

· Stronger Together Co-Branding Opportunities

· ​

We do hope this summary of how it works, answered your questions sufficiently. Have you any other questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.


Thank you for your time and attention

Guardian Craft Brewery Network, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20006  Telephone: 800-67-1346